Welcome to Reception

Our current topic is: Alive and Kicking


This term we will be learning about Autumn.

First we will be looking at the colours of Autumn and the changes that the children see.  

Our focus book this term will be The Little Red Hen. This is a really lovely story about a Hen and promotes a lot of discussion over how to be a good friend.


This week (week ending 19th October 2018) 

Maths: In maths we will be looking at 2D shape.

English: We will be learning about how to design some bread for the Little Red Hen's friends.

Phonics: We will be learning new Phonemes h  b  f, ff  l

Key words: I, it, is, in, at, as

New key words:  no, go, his, him  

Understanding the world: We will be looking at the Natural Environment to experience the changes during Autumn.

Personal, Social and Emotional: We will be thinking about our greenie rules and how to follow them. We will also be learning about how to make new friends.

Expressive Arts and Design: We will be doing some Autumn craft.

Physical Development: This term we will be doing Fundamental movements and some Yoga.


Reading: Please read with your child daily. Reading books will be changed weekly.

Key words: Phonemes and Key words are essential in supporting your child to read, please practice them little and often.

Next Term our topic will be Let's Celebrate!