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Home learning 

If your child cannot currently attend nursery due to covid 19 please see links below -

Hungry Little minds website has some lovely activity ideas suitable for different ages 


Katie's Story Wonky Donkey

Tina's Story George's Dragon

Tina's Story Room on a Broom 

Vicky's Story Lost and Found 

Katie's (aka Bug's) Story We're going on a Bear Hunt 

Katie's Story A squash and a Squeeze 

Sarah's Story Wow said the Owl 



Please join in with us to sing some of your favourite songs!

Tina's, Katie and Sarah's Song

Sunbeam's and Sun Staff Song


Activity ideas.  

Katie's ideas on how to make playdoh

 I wonder can you be an explorer in your garden or on you daily walk and do a Minibeast hunt? I wonder what bugs you may find? 
Please send any photos to 
Enjoy :) 

Look what I found on my daily walk today. 

Bee butterfly Bee butterfly

Hand shape farm animals, you could recycle cereal boxes to use the card and colour with paint, crayons or pencils. Which animal will you create?

Katie's activity idea

Make your own bird feeder. Take some photos of birds feasting on it.

 Bird feederBird feedersbird feederbird feeder

Can you make a Gruffalo crumble with your adults , maybe from apples and berries. Why not try to make a playdough Gruffalo!

hands crumble playdoh

Some images from Sunbeams Nursery and Sun Pre-School