Welcome to Reception

Our current topic is: Are celebrations all the same?


This Term our learning is centred around the question, What makes me marvellous?

First we will be getting used to all the new routines of Moon and Star Class.  We are going to learn about what makes us special and how we are all different.  The children will be looking at Autumn and what changes will happen during this time.  We will be learning songs for our Harvest Festival and all about Harvest.

Our focus book for this term will be the The Enormous Turnip.


This week (week commencing 14th October 2019) 

Maths: We are looking at sorting different objects and finding the odd one out.

English: We have started to learn our Talk for Writing story with actions The Enormous Turnip

Phonics:  We will learn the sounds n,p.  The red words the children are learning my, so, do, I, and, no, a

Understanding the world: Autumn - What happens in Autumn?

Personal, Social and Emotional: Who’s your hero and why? How do they make you feel?

Expressive Arts and Design: My Body large display

R.E. : Special Me - Who am I? Where do I belong?

Physical Development: This term we will be doing Fundamental movements and Games.

British Values: Rule of law. This is about learning to manage our own feelings and behaviour.

Music: Singing Autumn songs and Maths songs.


Phonics - Practise the different sounds so far!

Reading: Please share a story with your child daily.


Next Term our learning will be centred around the question, What stories can you tell?