Welcome to Reception

Our current topic is: Are celebrations all the same?


This Term our learning is centred around Celebrations

We will be looking at all different Celebrations at this time of year.  The children will discuss what they celebrate and how they do this with their families.

Our focus book for this term will be the The Elves and the Shoemaker.


This week (week commencing 9th December 2019) 

Maths: We are embedding our numbers to five using Christmas themed maths.

English: We are completing our work on The Elves and the Shoemaker and Christmas writing.

Phonics:  We are recapping all our letter sounds learnt so far and focusing on handwriting

Understanding the world: Christmas - What is Christmas?

Personal, Social and Emotional: Sharing and being a good friend.

Expressive Arts and Design: Christmas craft

R.E. : Special Times - What special times are there?

Physical Development: This term we will be doing Fundamental movements and Gymnastics.

British Values: Individual liberty We are helping them to develop their self-knowledge.

Music: Singing Nativity songs.


Phonics - Practise the different sounds so far in the little green sounds book!

Reading: Please share a story with your child daily.


Next Term our learning will be centred around the topic, Weather