Welcome to Year 1 and 2!

Year 1 and 2

KS1 Weekly Update

We are so thrilled to be back in school and teaching you all again! On this page you will be able to see what we have covered in school each week and what you can expect over the next week. 


Venus Class (Miss Hardisty, Mrs Lake & Mrs Coe)

Mars Class (Mrs Buffham and Mrs Ashman)

Pluto Class (Miss Seymour and Mrs Edgell) 

THIS WEEK (w/c ): 13/09/21


Year 2- This week the year 2's have been looking at how numbers can be partitioned. We have been using our knowledge of tens and ones to think about the different ways a number can be partitioned in a part-whole model.

Year 1 - This week the year 1's have been exploring counting up to 10 both forwards and backward. They also looked at how we can find one more or one less of a number. They used concrete resources such as counters to create numbers and manipulate them.

The whole of KS1 has begun Numbersense this week. They are working on subitising numbers. This is where they see if they can look at a group of objects or pictures and recognise how many are there without counting. They have been getting super speedy at this and it has already helped them in their maths lessons.


This week we have explored "The Gingerbread Man". The children have created and eaten their own Gingerbread Men and we even had one escape from the oven! He has been sending us postcards from his travels that we are plotting on a map. Each class has created a story map and the children are brilliant at retelling the story using the actions we have created.

Phonics/Spellings -

Year 1 - Set 2 RWI

Year 2 - Set 3 RWI

Foundation Subjects

History - The Great Fire of London

This week the children have talked about how, where, and when the fire started. We were also lucky enough to have the local firefighters come in and show us their fire engine. The children loved learning all about the hoses and they had a chance to sit inside. It was very clear how our fire services have changed since 1666.

Geography - The UK.

This week we looked at where the UK is and what oceans and seas surround it. We also looked at neighboring countries. The children also explored what we learn about in geography.

Science - Everyday materials.

In science this week KS1 has investigated the KS1 area to find what objects are made out of. They hunted the area to find objects made of wood, metal, and plastic.

NEXT WEEK (w/c ): 20/09/21

Maths - 

Year 2-

The year 2's will be looking at place value charts and comparing numbers using signs.

Year 1 -

Next week our year 1's will be looking at one-to-one correspondence and how to compare numbers/objects.

English -  

We will be continuing to track our escaped Gingerbread Man through his postcards. We will also be focussing on how we can order and re-tell the story of The Gingerbread Man. The children will be thinking about how they structure sentences and how they can create a sequence of sentences to tell a story.

Phonics/Spellings - 

Year 1- Set 2 RWI 

Year 2 - Set 3 RWI

Foundation Subjects - 

History - The Great Fire of London.

The children will be exploring how the people of London tried to put the fire out using buckets and thinking about why it wasn't effective.

Geography - The UK.

We will be looking at how the UK is comprised of 4 countries. We will discover where they are and look at their flags.

Science - Everyday materials.

We will be continuing to look at everyday materials and understand what things are made of.

Here are some useful links for you to use when at home:



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