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Scroll down to see our super 50 suggested activities to keep you busy and happy over the Easter holidays.

We would really like you to read every day over the holidays. 

If you can keep up with your Doodle Maths streak and TT Rockstar coin earnings, we'd be delighted too.

Remember Joe Wicks will still be delivering his awesome PE workouts every morning. 

Log onto Purple Mash to share any photos or fun things you have been getting up to. 

Happy Easter to all our children and parents/carers.

We are so proud of all the work you have been doing on Purple Mash.

We'll be back on Purple Mash again after the holidays. 

Mrs Forster, Mrs Ross, Mrs Hamilton & Mrs Cook


Thank you to the parents who are supporting their children's learning at home. 

Remember to get some fresh air and take some time to do some Mindfulness breathing. 




Weekly Updates


                    Easter Holidays

Here are some fab activities to keep you busy during the Easter Holidays.

Have fun!

If you'd like to upload some photos or anything else to the Purple Mash Class Chat page, please do.


50 things you could do over the Easter holidays 

    Bake a cake or some biscuits with your family – could you make


      a recipe book?


•Have a family picnic in the garden and help to make it.


•Enjoy a family board game night.


•Play charades or Pictionary with your wider family using Skype/House Party/Zoom.


•Paint or draw a picture to display back in school when we are open.


•Make sock puppets and create a show for your family.


•Learn the new ‘Vocabulary Ninja’ word each day and try to


      use it.


•Make Easter cards and send them to your friends and family.


•Write a letter to an elderly relative and pop it in the postbox.


•Go on a scavenger hunt and create an A-Z of things you can


      see in the garden.


•Get up to watch a sunrise – perhaps you could illustrate it.


•Watch a sunset.


•Gaze at the stars and planets and map some of the




•Build a ‘bug hotel’ in your garden.


•Grow a plant.


•Bird spot from your garden - make a list of the ones you see and sketch your favourites.


•Make a bird feeder.


•Learn the names of trees/plants you can see from your window.


•Make a miniature garden.


•Make a raft with sticks and string and take it to a nearby stream


     to see if it floats or in the bath if you are isolating. 




•Play pooh sticks. 




•Watch the penguins, tigers, koalas,  and pandas on the Edinburgh Zoo live cameras.




•Frame a window: draw what you see from a given window in your house.




•Build a tower from playing cards.




•Repurpose an old item of clothing (make a bag, make a hammock for a toy). 




•Complete a jigsaw puzzle.




•Build your own marble run.




•Make a domino rally.




•Make a set of Top Trump cards on a subject of your choice.




•Build an assault course in your garden or around the house.




•Floor is lava!




•Treasure maps. Hide something in your house or garden then draw a map for others to find it.




•Take part in an Easter egg hunt.




•How many keepie-uppies can you do with a ball?




•Make your own daily exercise circuits with 4-8 stations. Try to beat your score each day.




•Hold your body in a plank position - can increase the time each day?




•Try and spot the International Space Station. There are good apps that tell you where it is.




•Use ‘Google Earth’ and ‘Street View’ to visit the Taj Mahal.




•Learn some new words from a different language.




•Research a different religious festival (Holi, Hanukkah, Diwali).




•Make some Golden Rules/values for you and your family.




•Research your family tree and record this on paper or using ICT.




•Discuss with your parents and grandparents what their job is/was and think about what you would like to be.




•How many different ways can you learn to say ‘Hello’  in other languages.




•Learn how to sign your name in Makaton or even learn a story by heart.




•Design a new Easter egg – think about packaging design; what




     type of chocolate your egg is made of; what is inside




     the egg; how much your egg will cost and what market you




     are trying to sell to.




•Create a bird’s eye view map of your house and or garden –




     use grid references and a key.




•Write a story about anything you want – what genre might it




     be? Who will it appeal to?




•Make a list of all the sayings/songs you can think of which




     include numbers e.g. 10 Green Bottles, life begins at 40!




•Explode the number 100!




•Create a hopscotch grid in your garden.




Maths:We will be learning how to find the radius and diameter of a circle. We will also learn to recognise what the circumference of a circle is and explore the properties of 3D shapes. Daily practice is posted daily and this will help you to revise key areas of maths. Keep checking Purple Mash for your learning activities. You can add comments and we will post the answers. Please encourage your child to use TT Rockstars and Doodle Maths at home to support their maths learning. 

English: We will be writing a recount  based on a Harry Potter video clip with an emphasis on using figurative language, parenthesis and passive voice. Try to include as much detail as possible and think about how you could use your senses to do this. A good writer reads over what they have written. Our SPaG focus is on relative clauses and there will be daily activity to complete. Our reading vipers will be a daily text with a range of questions. Our spelling focus is the prefix 'inter'. Please encourage your child to read daily as this will help with their progress. Please remind your child to note down their reading in their reading records. Please sign your child's reading record to allow us to monitor their reading. 

Topic: We will be looking at clue evidence to find out about the past. 


Health & Wellbeing: Complete a Map of the Heart. Please see Purple Mash for more information. 


Next week 





Reading: Please read with your child daily. Reading books will be changed weekly. Please remember to sign your child's reading record. 

Spellings: Please practise the weekly spellings using the bingo grid ideas.  You can find helpful resources for spellings  on our English subject page.

Maths: An arithmetic paper will be sent home weekly. All children have access to Maths games using Doodlemaths and TT Rockstars supports rapid recall of multiplication and division number facts.