We provide a framework that covers the National Curriculum, following our school drivers of culture, community and equality.

We follow a broad and balanced curriculum that builds on pupils’ prior learning and is achieved through quality first teaching. Lessons are delivered in a range of learning styles to suit individual needs. We make good use of outdoor space including our forest school area.

The Specialist Resource Base curriculum is specifically adapted from the EYFS and National Curriculum to provide for the academic and personal development of all pupils. The starting point for the curriculum is the individual child and making the learning enjoyable is fundamentally important.

The balance between subject based sessions, personal, social and therapeutic input may vary for each of these pupils and is planned according to individual needs. The curriculum is a stimulating multi-sensory approach to learning for all our children, encouraging learning through exploration and more awareness of visual, auditory and tactile experiences. The curriculum is designed to create opportunities for developing social interaction, combining emotional and social development with academic and cognitive growth.

Pupils will access whole class sessions, small group and 1:1 teaching in distraction free, low-stimulus environments. Each child will have a personalised bespoke time table tailored to their strengths and needs to ensure they have a learning experience designed especially for them. These are devised by staff, parents and carers and the child.

Additional adult support and a flexible approach enables pupils to succeed in their learning alongside their peers. Children are linked with a mainstream class where they will carry out some of their learning.  We aim for pupils to access their learning for approximately 50% - 80% of their timetable in the mainstream class.