At Midsomer Norton Primary School we endeavour to provide our children with a broad and balanced PE curriculum. We aim to improve children's fundamental skills and then, through a range of interesting and engaging sports, develop their understanding of tactics and self-improvement.



Our children are involved in many exciting competitions and events. We encourage competitiveness but also place great value in inclusiveness with all children being encouraged to sign up for sporting events. We believe this is important for building confidence and self belief in children from an early age, which translates into all aspects of the children's lives.


Children have PE twice weely with either their class teacher or a specialist sports coach. All classes will have the opportunity to work with our coach each year. We teach many different sports in the children's PE lessons and the topics progress through the year groups to develop and build upon the children's skillset whilst they are with us at primary school.



In years 3 and 4 we offer weekly swimming lessons with the aim of ensuring water safety and basic skills. These lessons are tailored to the children's needs and are taught by fully qualified swimming instructors at our local community pool. This year, as we appreciate many of our older children's swimming lessons were disrupted, we are ensuring that children who have not had a full cycle of swimming are having their needs met and are being invited along to join swimming lessons.


Our children love their PE lessons and by looking at the opportunities in our curriculum map, I'm sure you can see why!

PE is taught as a discrete subject with links made to other subjects where appropriate.

Our overview for PE ensures that PE knowledge and skills are built upon progressively as children move through the school.

Please click on the links below for the Key Stage 1&2 overviews.

PE (Infants)

PE (Key Stage 2)

Please visit our main curriculum page to see how these topics fit into our two year overview for each phase.


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We have lots of exciting sporting events coming up, check back to find out what we've been up to!