"We know that history matters, we know that it is thrilling, absorbing, facsinating, delightful and infuriating, that is life!" - Stephen Fry

History is the story of where we come from. It helps us to understand our culture, our relationship with the wider world and our rights and respobnsibilities by providing children  with their knowledge of their historical past to enable them to better undesrtand the world today.

Our aim at Midsomer Norton Primary School is to ignite their curisoity by providing them with a range of experiences both practical and investigative where they are encouraged to find out and ask questions about the past.

History is taught as a discrete subject. Our overview for history ensures that history knowledge meets the requiremnets opf the National Curriculum and that skills are built upon progressively as children move through the school.

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 Please click on the link for a year 2 knowledge organiser for The Great Fire of London.

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Some useful links for History:

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