Our Vision & Values

Learning For Life
At Midsomer Norton Primary School we regard learning as a way of life: it presents choices, enables growth and liberates the mind. Through learning each individual grows and shapes his or her own destiny. That is why learning is central to everything that our school aims to achieve.

The vision we share is of a child leaving our school, equipped with a diversity of skills and qualities to face the challenges of a complex world. We believe that in order to develop such a range of skills and qualities, each child must possess certain essential attributes that make him, or her, a better learner. The school facilitates the development of these attributes in all children, irrespective of their differences.

We believe in the importance of collaboration and strong local links. We are proud to be a member of the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership.

Our Values

We believe in ambition.

We believe in opportunity for all.

We build confidence and independence.

We believe in community.