Links for Parents


The British Dyslexia Association


The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) is the voice of dyslexic people. We aim to influence the government and other institutions to promote a dyslexia friendly society that enables dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential.

The Dyslexia-SPLD Trust


The Dyslexia-Spld Trust is a group of recognised charitable organisations working with the Department of Education to provide information to parents and teachers. They run a project called parent champions which recruits volunteer parents who want to help and support other parents and carers of children with dyslexia and learning difficulties in their local community – called ‘ Parent Champions’. These volunteers will feed parental concerns back to the trust to drive forward support in education.

Word Shark


Wordshark and Numbershark are games-based learning programs, used by students in Primary school and early Secondary school as well as at home. The programs are particularly well known for helping children who are dyslexic or dyscalculic.

Dyslexia Assist

Dyslexia Assist

Dyslexia Assist is a small charity started by parents with dyslexic children to share information, tips, ideas and experiences. They offer a whole bank of resources and useful information for parents and carers of children who have dyslexia.



Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching dyslexic pupils. –  to help parents choose schools for children with specific learning difficulties (SpLD). It keeps a register of schools that are inspected to meet the CResSTeD criteria and are able to provide help for pupils with SpLD.

SEND guided for parents and carers


Easy Reader App

Easy Reader App

EasyReader is a free app which makes reading more accessible for readers who are visually impaired, have a neurodiverse condition such as dyslexia or any other print impairment. Sign in to your favourite talking book libraries to find, download and read accessible books for leisure and learning. With EasyReader, you can customise your reading experience: adjust and magnify text, change colour schemes, synchronise text with speech or use the speech settings alone to listen to books.



PATOSS organisation to help those that support individuals with SPLD - can find tutors and assessors on line. Provides guidelines for checking tutors are suitable for your needs. Teachers with specialist training may be members of PATOSS.

The Dyslexia Association

Dyslexia Association

The Dyslexia Association is a registered charity which has been improving the lives of people with dyslexia since 1971. It provides support and services for children and adults of all ages, parents and families, educators, employers and the wider community.



DysTalk is a YouTube channel for parents of children who are looking for information on how to optimise their child's learning. dysTalk provides information and clips on specific learning difficulties that may be undermining a child's performance as well as learning strategies that can potentially be applied to all children of all abilities.

Drive Youth Trust


The driver youth trust aims to see a time when all children, including those who struggle with literacy, are given the help they need to learn how to read and write; when children with dyslexia are identified and supported from an early age so that their dyslexia is not a barrier to learning and they are given the self confidence they need to succeed in whatever they set out to do.