School Improvement Plan


A summary of our School Improvement Plan for 2018-2019 can be viewed here.

Our main priorities are:

  • Continuing to improve outcomes for all our children.
  • Reviewing our school curriculum
  • Continuing to promote well-being.


Last year, our main school priorities were:

  • Reading – promoting a reading culture/ improving outcomes for all pupils
  • Improving outcomes for vulnerable children in all subjects
  • Maths – implementation of the revised calculation policy, deeper learning
  • Raising the profile and improving pupil attitudes towards STEM subjects (Science, DT, ICT)
  • Talk for Writing (non-fiction)
  • Well-being – (Mental health, Director Public Health Award, outdoor play, resilience)


  • Reading: Our results in the Y1 and Y2 phonics screener improved and are above the national average. Our results at the end of Year 6 were in line with national averages; however, the progress children made from Y2 to Y6 was much better than nationally. 
  • Improving outcomes for vulnerable children in all subjects: Our children in Year 6 made much more progress than children did nationally
  • Maths: Both the progress and attainment for our Year 6 children was much better than children achieved nationally.
  • Raising the profile and improving pupil attitudes towards STEM subjects: We held a very successful STEM week from which we received super feedback. 
  • Talk for Writing: This approach continues to broaden our children's library of vocabulary and language patterns. The impact can be seen in the children's writing and, again, the progress our Y6 children made was much better than nationally.  
  • Well-being: We have had two members of staff trained as Mental Health First Aiders. We held a range of events such as Sleep Week and Be Yourself Day to promote good mental health.